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Doesn’t matter if you visit Vienna for one day or if you have lived here for a while. I am sure, in both cases I have something for you!

The Best of Old Vienna

Start: in front of the State Opera on the corner of Kärntnerstrasse and the Opernring

Duration: 2 hours

What you will experience: a tour of Vienna’s main sights that every visitor should see! You will see up close the famous buildings where history was written! We will start with the State Opera, which was built as the first building on the newly emerging Rings Road. We will walk through several courtyards of the Hofburg, an ancient imperial palace where the emperors lived and ruled. The Kohlmarkt and Graben pedestrian areas will impress you with their famous cafés, luxury shops and groundbreaking architecture from the turn of the century. The cathedral of St. Stephen has been the soul of Vienna and therefore it cannot be missed on our walk. We will end the tour at the Art Nouveau astronomical clock Anker Uhr, where 12 personalities from Viennese history parade at noon.

Price for an individual tour 1-6 people: 190 E


Historical Vienna 

Vienna Secret Corners

Start: by the old staircase of Hafnersteig near Schwedenplatz

Duration: 2 hours

What you will experience: a charming walk within the oldest alleys and corners of Vienna’s historical center! You will travel back to the Middle Ages when the first churches in Vienna were established and when people believed in supernatural phenomena! I will show you where the mythical basilisk was once spotted! We also merge in the old university district.  My tour will guide you through hidden courtyards full of history, that sometimes even the locals don’t know! I will also show you where Mozart stayed during his first visit of Vienna and where he composed his famous opera Figaro’s Wedding.

Price for an individual tour 1-6 people: 190 E


Best of Hietzing – the world behind Schoenbrunn

Start: tram stop of Nr. 10 and 60 “Hietzing” in front of the Ströck bakery

Duration: 2,5 hours

What you will experience: an unusual walk through a very elegant Viennese district that is closely connected to the nearby imperial Schoenbrunn palace. Here, behind the scenes, would the emperor Franz Joseph visit his lover, Katharina Schratt, whose villa still exists. Franz Joseph’s brother Maximilian loved this neighbourhood and named after himself local streets and parks. Here was also the palace of Maria Theresa’s personal physician, Gerard van Swieten. Up on the hill we will visit the Hietzing Cemetery and see many ornate graves of famous personalities such as Gustav Klimt, Otto Wagner, Engelbert Dolfuss or Anton Hanák. This tour will surprise you with many facts and connections and will astonish even those, who have lived in Vienna for a while!

Price for individual tour 1-6 people: 220 E



Secrets of the Ring Road

Start: the building of Urania (now a cinema and school), Uraniastraße 1

Duration: 2 hours

What you will experience: a close-up view of the interesting buildings, situated around the first third of the Ring Road. From Urania we walk through the City Park (Stadtpark) to the Opera House. You will learn interesting facts about the Marshal Radecky statue, you will see monuments in the City Park, which you have never noticed before, you will be able to touch the remains of the medieval Viennese fortifications and you will laugh over many stories. 

Also suitable for strollers!

Price for individual tour 1-6 people: 190 E


Viennese Legendary Coffee Houses

Start: in front of Café Central in Herrengasse

Duration: 2 hours

What you will experience: a cultural-historical walk, which will make you crave for coffee! Cafes have a very long tradition in Vienna and are unique institutions where you can enjoy hours and hours over one cup of coffee while reading the daily press. Café Central, Demel, Hawelka and Diglas have become legends. But how to recognize a real Café House from an ordinary café? Why is a glass of water always served with a coffee? You will also find out which cafes were frequented by the intellectuals and which places provided sweets for the Viennese aristocracy. How has the coffee culture changed in the 20th century? After the tour, you can try local coffee specialties at the Café you liked best.

Price for individual tour 1-6 people: 190 E


Visiting Vienna by Train: from the platform to the Center

Start: at the Vienna Main Railway Station in front of the OEBB information center on the ground floor

Duration: 3 hours

What you will experience: you will soak up the atmosphere and history of the city from the first moment you get off the train! I will pick you up right in the lobby and take you the fastest way out of the station maze, so in a few minutes you will stand in front of the famous Belvedere Palace and enjoy the view of the city! From here we head down the beautiful garden to the center. On the Charles Square square you will be amazed by the baroque pearl of Vienna – the church of St. Charles Borromeo and the Art Nouveau subway pavilions by Otto Wagner. You will also see a piece of the famous Ring Road and its most famous building – the State Opera. From there it is only a short walk to the Hofburg Imperial Palace. The famous Kohlmarkt and Graben pedestrian zones full of shops and cafés will lead us towards the St. Stephen’s Cathedral, where we will finish the tour.

Price for individual tour 1-6 people: 250 E


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